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Never coming back to Don Merto's

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Monday, March 31, 2014

BrusseLs Cafe- Because there's more to BeLgium than just waffLes

On my first visit,i invited my friend to try this new cafe in Banawa. For one, it's a BeLgian Cafe & i don't see a Lot of it here in Cebu so that got me curious. Two, it's fairLy new & it's near my house. Aside from BeLgian waffLes & chocoLates, that's as far as i know about BeLgian foods.

We had their geLato which is deLightfuLLy good at onLy Php50.00 per scoop. We did try their booken poot, the one on the upper Left & it tasted Like a Meringue. Yummy!

Chicken Fingers ( Php65.00)

Food is very affordabLe & the staffs were friendLy considering i've been to this cafe about four times. The owner even gave us a sampLer of one of his new desserts the first time we went there. Superb!


The fruit pie is a must-try..Everytime i go there, i order this..DiscLosure though: i did not eat all of this in one sitting. These are the coLLection of the various photos i've taken everytime i go there. Okay? Nyahaha..Lahos!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Don Merto's..FeeLing Payday!

After work, my food buddies and i had dinner at Don Merto's Restaurant. it is Located at CapitoL Site- 94 Juana OsmeƱa St., Cebu City. it is under Casa Escano Bed & Breakfast. i suggested it to them since i've aLready eaten there before. but then, i was onLy abLe to try their pork back ribs.And i quite Like the taste of it considering i'm not reaLLy a steak/ribs kind of person. But, it was ages ago and i'm ready for their other dishes this time. PLus the fact that it's tucked in a quiet street and the pLace itseLf reminds you of dinners at your veranda (if you happen to have an "Hacienda" type of house). So, off we went with our rumbLing stomachs.

it took about 20 minutes for them to prepare and served our food. For starters, we ordered the Cobb SaLad.
Cobb SaLad
Cobb SaLad consists of romaine Lettuce topped with chicken, bacon, tomatoes, cucumber, cheese & egg, served with a creamy herb dressing. We didn't even make use of the dressing, we were just satisfied with picking at the various ingredients. The cheese was divine, aLL were fresh.


Then we had their LoLa's favorite dishes such as the canaLones & caLLos. On their website & menu, LoLa's favorites comes with a choice of pLain or garLic rice, mashed potato, baked potato, buttered vegetabLes or french fries. We opted for rice since we were famished aLready.

The canaLones was fLavorfuL, and it has a rich creamy fiLLing (anything that has cheese, in my opinion, does the trick). it's tender chicken was roLLed in homemade egg pasta baked with cheese & bechameL sauce.


The caLLos was deLicious. it has a fuLL-bodied taste that goes directLy to your stomach. it gave me a hearty & heavy feeLing both at the same time ( i don't know if that's a good thing or not). CaLLos is a braised ox tripe & pork hock in a thick tomato sauce.

Don Merto's Steak

The steak had a staLe taste to it. i find it hard to chew, a bit on the bLand side & considering the price, it was a Letdown. we weren't even abLe to finish it.

Herb Dory

The fish came out as the winner that night. it was seasoned just right & sLipped through my mouth with it's rich taste.

it wouLd have been a good experience had it not been tarnished with the kind of service we got that night. The waitress automaticaLLy cLeared our tabLe without even asking if we were done with our food. And the minute they gave us the biLL, the wifi connection got disconnected. Coincidence or just being pLain rude? i'm betting it on the Latter. Even at the beginning when we were ordering, the waitress wasn't even smiLing or accommodating, which is a minus since service has a great bearing in a restaurant. it what sets them apart from aLL other restaurants who has the same theme, menu, or even price range.

As for the food, i can't quite say that i was that satisfied. i mean it did satisfy me that evening but i'm not gonna go there anytime soon either. it Lacked the contentment vaLue that i find a must at the end of every meaL. i stopped eating because my mind was teLLing me that i'm aLready fuLL, not my stomach (& i'm not even on a diet). And my food buddies, sadLy, feLt the same. Oh! weLL, better Luck next time but not too soon. Lahos!