Tuslob Buwa

A sosyal way to eat Tuslob Buwa

Phat Pho Vietnamese Kitchen

Goi con is a must try at Phat Pho Vietnamese Kitchen in Robinson's Cybergate, Cebu

Fuzion Gourmet

A whole new world at Fuzion Gourmet.

Chewy Junior Invades Cebu

Chewy Junior's must taste doughnuts.

Never coming back to Don Merto's

Read the blog post and you'll know. So disappointing.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

FeeLing Disney Princess at Cafe TiaLa

This dainty cafe makes you feeL Like a Disney Princess. ChandeLiers resembLing an EngLish tea at home, Lamps that give a soft gLow about you, compLete with chamber maids at your disposaL.
A perfect backdrop for photo ops where you want to Look aLL gLam-up and girLy. if you're a girL, who can possibLy resist that. So off we went. And Like any story hoping for a  fairy taLe ending, ours got promptLy shattered the minute food was served.

Disney Princess ba kamo?

 The box where they keep the menu reminds me of the boxes i had when i was a teenager. Those days though. Nyahaha..

WhoLe Ramen with rice (Php129.00)
The ramen screamed "instant noodLes" to us. So yeah!

Ms.Korea Toast (Php99.00)
 The toast tasted Like any ordinary toast i've tasted. Think normaL, common, mediocre. That's it.

Gimbab (Php129.00)
Gimbab is gimbab. Korean's version of a Japanese maki roLL. One of my comfort food.
TTeobokki (Php129.00)

i've aLways Loved this korean dish but considering the serving size with the price, truLy not worth it. i couLd have these eLsewhere and get it for a Lower or same price with Large amount of serving. Topokki Man ( aLso a Korean Restaurant in BaniLad) for starters.

My friend who has a thing for teas ordered their Jasmine Tea for Php99.00. She was satisfied with it. i think the cLassy teapot heLped.

i forgot the name of this drink. However, my friend said it tasted just Like MiLo.

For any food purchase, we got this BLue Lemonade for Php50.00 Tasted just Like Sprite tinged with BLue FLavoring.

Like any girL who got deceive with a guy's Look & then went on to broke our hearts, this is exactLy what we feLt at this Cafe. Lahos!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Oppa Cafe

Craving for Chinese Ngohiong & Siomai, we found ourseLves around the Junquera area. ALas, it was cLose. So we settLed for Lechon BeLLy. Yes, that's settLing for us. And we were unfortunate that the drink that came with the meaL was not coLd. As my friend quipped, her paLms were far more coLder than the drink.

And that was the reason why Oppa Cafe seemed Like an answered prayer to our thirstiness.

... or so they thought. And for me, i'm giving this cafe another chance.

My friends ordered their Chocolate fLavored miLk tea.  One with jeLLy and the other had whipped cream on it. The two said there was nothing speciaL about it. Me, on the other hand ordered their Lemon fruit tea. & i am sharing my coLLeague's sentiment. indeed, my assumption was right the first time.

i've been to this cafe once with another set of friends. i had the Taro fLavored miLk tea and i didn't Like it. Whenever i think about Taro's, i conjure the bLiss of sipping QuickLy's Taro in my mind or at Least comparabLe to it. SadLy, it wasn't even near it. The tea was overpowering the Taro. if that's the point, i am not a fan. My friend had the Mango fLavored miLk tea and she was satisfied with it. To each is her own. However, i'm definiteLy not going there reaL soon. Two stops & it was enough.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Phat Pho- Vietnamese Kitchen...i Turned Out Liking You A Lot Than i OriginaLLy PLanned!

To celebrate the birthday of our friend (Happy na Birthday pa ApriL!!!), we headed to Phat Pho at Robinson's Cybergate MaLL. i wanted to try this restaurant for ages but the Location is too far for my convenience. Good thing they opened a new branch, which is a stone's throw away from the office.

They have a smaLL space & an open type kitchen, where you can see the staff preparing the food. if your'e Looking for peace & tranquility, then this is not the pLace to Linger around for that. However, that didn't deter the peopLe who patronize Vietnamese dishes. 

The service was swift, the staff were aLL friendLy. it just took about 10 minutes for them to prepare our food and serve them to us. impressive! 

Goi Cuon - Slow Roasted Pork (Php175.00)

Goi Cuon- ChiLLed Shrimp (Php195.00)

We had the Rice Paper RoLLs- Goi Cuon, both in SLow Roasted Pork & ChiLLed Shrimp. These rice paper hand roLLs are fiLLed with vermiceLLi, wood ear mushrooms, carrots, daikon, peanuts and fresh herbs.  i couLd practicaLLy eat this everyday & that's a feat from someone who's not chummy with vegetabLes. It reminds me of my beLoved Chinese Lumpia though. The sauces compLimented it but i Like the one with peanut butter than the vinegar sauce. Divine! 

We aLso had the Crispy Egg RoLLs. We were down to the Last roLL for me to reaLize i wasn't abLe to take a pic of it. Nyahaha!! it sure does make you forget things. it was that good.

Bo Kho (Php395.00)

Bo Kho is one of their speciaLties. Angus beef stew with carrots, potatoes, lemongrass, 5 spice and baguette. Warning! this is not for everyone. it has pungent taste & smeLL that give an aftertaste that i don't reaLLy want to reLish.

Angus Beef Satay (Php345.00- 5pcs.)

Then comes the Angus Beef Satay with tamarind, garlic and shaLLots. it was tender, fLavorfuL & juicy the way it shouLd be.

Fish Sauce Chicken Wings (Php235.00)

This is crispy marinated chicken wings with garlic and lemongrass. Taste exactLy Like how it was described. My friend said it kind of reminded her of Chowking's Chicken GLazed Chicken though.

Pho SpeciaL (Php225.00- smaLL)

Pho SpeciaL is beef pho broth with shaved US angus beef, braised beef, meatbaLL and tendon.  i have to admit i wasn't bowLed over by this dish. the herbs & spices were overpowering, or maybe our tastebuds were not yet ready for this. This may be good for others, but it didn't sit weLL with us. 

Steamed Rice (Php45.00)
The rice was something eLse. You have to try it yourseLf.

We went back to the office bLissfuLLy contented with what we had for Lunch. And i stiLL have thoughts of going back to induLge in their other dishes. ALthough my friend was a thousand poorer after this, as she put it weLL, she wants to share her bLessings. And that's a great way to celebrate one's Life. You have been raised weLL my friend. Lahos!

Friday, April 4, 2014

inday goes to Dong Juan

On our way home, my friend innocentLy bLurted out that she's hungry. And i, who has no pride & can be easiLy swayed when it comes to food, fired a List of possibiLities as to where we can have our dinner. Since we were aLready in the GuadaLupe area, i suggested Dong Juan.

i surreptitiousLy tried to take a pic but this staff had other pLans. it took 3 attempts for me to reaLize that he wants to be in the picture. Nyahaha!! Thanks though.

Lemon iced Tea (Php39.00)

French Fries (Php89.00)

The fries & the drinks came first. The fries was yummy. it was not oiLy and the serving size was just right.
The iced tea kind of remind me of  an aspirin that i took when i was a kid (neo aspiLet). i don't know if it's just me and my tastebud. Oh! weLL..

Dong Juan ULtimate Bacon Burger (Php249.00)

This burger is juicy, tender, deLicious, hearty and appetizing. Something you wouLd Look for in a partner. Nyahaha.. Their burgers are one of the reasons why peopLe stiLL fLock to Dong Juan amidst much choices of other joints that offer burgers. My friend and i were munching it with gusto.

Chicken Drumstick

initiaLLy, we ordered deep fried chicken wings in chilli paste and grapeseed oil. But then a moment Later, the staff toLd us that they ran out of chicken wings & wouLd it be okay if we get the drumstick part instead. To which we readiLy agreed to. Or so we thought that was what she said. Because when she served us the chicken, to my surprise, it is nowhere near to being spicy. So i asked the staff about it & she said that we agreed to have their chicken drumstick instead of the wings to which i answered her that i thought the part is the onLy thing they're substituting & that it wiLL stiLL be spicy. And this is the case of miscommunication.

To make up for it, the staff offered us Tabasco to compensate for the spiciness that we craved. The chicken was nothing speciaL. it was something i've eaten many times before. The gravy was buttery.

Over-aLL, it was stiLL a good night. The staff was friendLy, service was okay. And it deserves a second visit. Lahos!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

TusLob Buwa Pinakatkat StyLe

My friend is excited and eager for us to try tusLob Buwa for days. So even if traffic is heavy during noontime in our area and Lunchbreak is onLy for about an hour, we stiLL gambLe.

The pLace was packed. ApparentLy, we were not the onLy ones who wanted to try this new craze. Like most convenience stores, seLf-service is the name of the game. There was a Long Line of peopLe waiting to get their ingredients of TusLob Buwa that consists of hipon (aLamang/ shrimp paste) onions, pig's brain & Liver, 12 pieces of puso (hanging rice), oiL & soy sauce, a pan & a LadLe. ALL for the price of Php99.00.

They even have a forewarning tack to the waLL about the "dangers" of eating TusLob-Buwa & certain idiosyncrasies of peopLe.

WhiLe they were busy cooking the TusLob Buwa, i had a headstart with the sisig (Php80.00, picture not incLuded) that we aLso ordered. Going there took us about 20 minutes and i just had to eat (excuses!). The sisig was aLright, Lots of onions though that as for me, they can aptLy caLL it "onion sisig".

Their TusLob Buwa is okay. This is an upgraded version of one of Cebu's weLL-Loved streetfood. You get to do the cooking, seasoned it according to your desire. However, the TusLob Buwa from PasiL, MambaLing, A.Lopez Labangon, in my opinion, were better. And in aLL honesty, i'm not in the position to critique their take on it for the soLe reason that i am aLready ensLaved with hunger that i couLd just about eat anything at that moment. Lunch was taken cared of & that's what's important. Lahos!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fuzion Gourmet..A WhoLe New WorLd!

When payday comes, we strike! Or rather, our stomachs and taste buds do that. That's why, an ordinary Lunch turned into a food adventure. This time, we headed to a pLace nearest to us. When i first passed by this pLace, i didn't get that certain kind of puLL that wouLd make me curious to give a try. From the outside, it has an encLosed Look to it. But my whim to experience something new and a pLace in cLose proximity to our office, Fuzion Gourmet did stand a chance with me.

When we entered the "gourmet house", i was pLeasantLy surprised and the skeptic in me was put to shame. Never judge a pLace untiL you've been there. We were the onLy customers at that time, so we get to bask in the beauty of the pLace & took it aLL in without interruption. The Mediterranean concept, the interiors, brought a new variety to the ever growing seLection of restaurant themes in Cebu. For those of us who can't quite achieve the jet-setting LifestyLe of the rich & the famous, this wiLL do for the meantime. i can even imagine Princess Jasmine & ALaddin having cozy dinners here.

Since we had the pLace to ourseLves, photo op was hard to resist. The staff was very pLeasant, they just Let us roam the pLace & even offered us the use of their guitar & piano. We appreciated the gesture, but we are professionaL bathroom singers to boot and are contented with that taLent aLone. They even have a bar & a wide array of desserts to choose from.

Speaking of dessert, we got the New York Cheesecake. it was highLy recommended by the staff and the fact that we're cheesecake Lovers made it an easy seLL. it was Love at first bite for aLL of us. it was understated yet it wiLL stand out from one's memory of sweet induLgence.

New York Cheesecake (Php125)

WhiLe we were waiting for our food and finishing off the cheesecake, we happened to amuse ourseLves with identifying the various spices from their tabLe. yup, that's a tabLe. it makes a great conversation starter at meaLtimes.

Fish & rice (Php165.00)

it's originaLLy fish & chips but we preferred rice to it. They use Lamon-Lamon fish, it was deep-fried to perfection, smooth to the taste and deLicious.

Roasted Baby Back Ribs (Php195.00)
My friend sings praises for this one ( if onLy she couLd sing in reaL Life too). it was marinated and the meat was tender. She was contented for the rest of the day.

Chicken Tajine (Php195.00)

According to their menu, Chicken Tajine is made up of Moroccan stew with vegetabLes & spices served with ratatouille & couscous grain.  i didn't get the couscous grain though, i was not offered nor given the option. Guess i didn't meticousLy read through the description. i was given rice, which i accepted gratefuLLy.  i haven't eaten anything Like this before, it's something new to my taste bud. i Like the zestiness of it but the chicken was a bit tad for comfort.

Wiener SchnitzeL (Php195.00)

This dish was okay. Nothing fancy except the name. According to the menu, this is a worLd famous Austrian dish. But i doubt if Maria & Capt.Von Trapp wiLL be nationaListic for this. My other friend found it a bit hard to chew too.

Ocean BLue Lemonade (Php175.00)

For our drinks, we had the Ocean BLue Lemonade. it's sweet, refreshing but ordinary to the taste. What's not ordinary is the size of their pitcher. They were generous with the serving.

i am compeL to give this a second visit and try their other dishes. i consider this a saving grace from the nightcLubs, disco bars, and convenience store's enticing peopLe to have a good time during night time. And this is one of the reasons why you wiLL stiLL go during the day. Lahos!