Thursday, April 10, 2014

Phat Pho- Vietnamese Kitchen...i Turned Out Liking You A Lot Than i OriginaLLy PLanned!

To celebrate the birthday of our friend (Happy na Birthday pa ApriL!!!), we headed to Phat Pho at Robinson's Cybergate MaLL. i wanted to try this restaurant for ages but the Location is too far for my convenience. Good thing they opened a new branch, which is a stone's throw away from the office.

They have a smaLL space & an open type kitchen, where you can see the staff preparing the food. if your'e Looking for peace & tranquility, then this is not the pLace to Linger around for that. However, that didn't deter the peopLe who patronize Vietnamese dishes. 

The service was swift, the staff were aLL friendLy. it just took about 10 minutes for them to prepare our food and serve them to us. impressive! 

Goi Cuon - Slow Roasted Pork (Php175.00)

Goi Cuon- ChiLLed Shrimp (Php195.00)

We had the Rice Paper RoLLs- Goi Cuon, both in SLow Roasted Pork & ChiLLed Shrimp. These rice paper hand roLLs are fiLLed with vermiceLLi, wood ear mushrooms, carrots, daikon, peanuts and fresh herbs.  i couLd practicaLLy eat this everyday & that's a feat from someone who's not chummy with vegetabLes. It reminds me of my beLoved Chinese Lumpia though. The sauces compLimented it but i Like the one with peanut butter than the vinegar sauce. Divine! 

We aLso had the Crispy Egg RoLLs. We were down to the Last roLL for me to reaLize i wasn't abLe to take a pic of it. Nyahaha!! it sure does make you forget things. it was that good.

Bo Kho (Php395.00)

Bo Kho is one of their speciaLties. Angus beef stew with carrots, potatoes, lemongrass, 5 spice and baguette. Warning! this is not for everyone. it has pungent taste & smeLL that give an aftertaste that i don't reaLLy want to reLish.

Angus Beef Satay (Php345.00- 5pcs.)

Then comes the Angus Beef Satay with tamarind, garlic and shaLLots. it was tender, fLavorfuL & juicy the way it shouLd be.

Fish Sauce Chicken Wings (Php235.00)

This is crispy marinated chicken wings with garlic and lemongrass. Taste exactLy Like how it was described. My friend said it kind of reminded her of Chowking's Chicken GLazed Chicken though.

Pho SpeciaL (Php225.00- smaLL)

Pho SpeciaL is beef pho broth with shaved US angus beef, braised beef, meatbaLL and tendon.  i have to admit i wasn't bowLed over by this dish. the herbs & spices were overpowering, or maybe our tastebuds were not yet ready for this. This may be good for others, but it didn't sit weLL with us. 

Steamed Rice (Php45.00)
The rice was something eLse. You have to try it yourseLf.

We went back to the office bLissfuLLy contented with what we had for Lunch. And i stiLL have thoughts of going back to induLge in their other dishes. ALthough my friend was a thousand poorer after this, as she put it weLL, she wants to share her bLessings. And that's a great way to celebrate one's Life. You have been raised weLL my friend. Lahos!


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