Friday, April 4, 2014

inday goes to Dong Juan

On our way home, my friend innocentLy bLurted out that she's hungry. And i, who has no pride & can be easiLy swayed when it comes to food, fired a List of possibiLities as to where we can have our dinner. Since we were aLready in the GuadaLupe area, i suggested Dong Juan.

i surreptitiousLy tried to take a pic but this staff had other pLans. it took 3 attempts for me to reaLize that he wants to be in the picture. Nyahaha!! Thanks though.

Lemon iced Tea (Php39.00)

French Fries (Php89.00)

The fries & the drinks came first. The fries was yummy. it was not oiLy and the serving size was just right.
The iced tea kind of remind me of  an aspirin that i took when i was a kid (neo aspiLet). i don't know if it's just me and my tastebud. Oh! weLL..

Dong Juan ULtimate Bacon Burger (Php249.00)

This burger is juicy, tender, deLicious, hearty and appetizing. Something you wouLd Look for in a partner. Nyahaha.. Their burgers are one of the reasons why peopLe stiLL fLock to Dong Juan amidst much choices of other joints that offer burgers. My friend and i were munching it with gusto.

Chicken Drumstick

initiaLLy, we ordered deep fried chicken wings in chilli paste and grapeseed oil. But then a moment Later, the staff toLd us that they ran out of chicken wings & wouLd it be okay if we get the drumstick part instead. To which we readiLy agreed to. Or so we thought that was what she said. Because when she served us the chicken, to my surprise, it is nowhere near to being spicy. So i asked the staff about it & she said that we agreed to have their chicken drumstick instead of the wings to which i answered her that i thought the part is the onLy thing they're substituting & that it wiLL stiLL be spicy. And this is the case of miscommunication.

To make up for it, the staff offered us Tabasco to compensate for the spiciness that we craved. The chicken was nothing speciaL. it was something i've eaten many times before. The gravy was buttery.

Over-aLL, it was stiLL a good night. The staff was friendLy, service was okay. And it deserves a second visit. Lahos!


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