Wednesday, April 2, 2014

TusLob Buwa Pinakatkat StyLe

My friend is excited and eager for us to try tusLob Buwa for days. So even if traffic is heavy during noontime in our area and Lunchbreak is onLy for about an hour, we stiLL gambLe.

The pLace was packed. ApparentLy, we were not the onLy ones who wanted to try this new craze. Like most convenience stores, seLf-service is the name of the game. There was a Long Line of peopLe waiting to get their ingredients of TusLob Buwa that consists of hipon (aLamang/ shrimp paste) onions, pig's brain & Liver, 12 pieces of puso (hanging rice), oiL & soy sauce, a pan & a LadLe. ALL for the price of Php99.00.

They even have a forewarning tack to the waLL about the "dangers" of eating TusLob-Buwa & certain idiosyncrasies of peopLe.

WhiLe they were busy cooking the TusLob Buwa, i had a headstart with the sisig (Php80.00, picture not incLuded) that we aLso ordered. Going there took us about 20 minutes and i just had to eat (excuses!). The sisig was aLright, Lots of onions though that as for me, they can aptLy caLL it "onion sisig".

Their TusLob Buwa is okay. This is an upgraded version of one of Cebu's weLL-Loved streetfood. You get to do the cooking, seasoned it according to your desire. However, the TusLob Buwa from PasiL, MambaLing, A.Lopez Labangon, in my opinion, were better. And in aLL honesty, i'm not in the position to critique their take on it for the soLe reason that i am aLready ensLaved with hunger that i couLd just about eat anything at that moment. Lunch was taken cared of & that's what's important. Lahos!


  1. I definitely agree with you. The tuslob buwa in Pasil is much much much better because they have already seasoned the brain and liver well before it will be cooked.
    The one in Azul is really very dry and there are more livers compared with the brain.

    We have been eating *and cooking* tuslob buwa since I was still elementary.
    It's kind of disappointing to see people who have tried tuslob buwa ONLY IN AZUL to easily judge the food and say they will never have tuslob buwa again.

    PS: There were even some who had three orders and PAK! They cooked all three orders together, let it cool for a while and eat. THAT'S NOT TUSLOB BUWA ><

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    2. Thank you for your comment.Yup, nothing beats the "reaL thing"..i recentLy went to Narnia, stiLL mainLy a TusLob Buwa eatery in Tisa,Labangon. Have you tried it there? Better than the one in Azul..

    3. Hi taina.. just noticed your comment now.. I haven't tried the one in Tisa.

      I still prefer we do the cooking.. my cousin btw, is one of those people who used to cook tuslob buwa in pasil.. it's just sad that pig brains nowadays are getting expensive and harder to find.. ):