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Never coming back to Don Merto's

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Friday, June 13, 2014

RibpubLic at the CapitoL...

Our friend who came home from Dubai treated us to this newLy opened diner ( hurrah! for BaLikbayans) on my Lunch time. RibpubLic consists of a smattering of tabLes & chairs in a compact space in the CapitoL area, behind Anita's Bakeshop. Think Surfin' Ribs.

One of the crew photobomb us with a sunny smiLe. Sweet!

Fish & Chips (Php138.00)
 Not bad. Not that good,. i've had better. But passabLe.

Taco Express (Php78.00)

For me, the Taco was a disappointment. i didn't Like the sauce they used on it. The chips were fLaky.

WiLd West Wings (Php158.00) 
i am fond of buffaLo wings so this makes the cut for me. ALso, the best bar food ever! Nyahaha! Generous with the sauce & fLavorfuL. Lunch was finaLLy served.

We weren't abLe to try their ribs because we didn't feeL Like eating ribs that day. But my friend who tried it said the sauce tasted Like dicer ( the sauce that is use on the barbecue they seLL at Fuente Larsian). And she can be trusted when it comes to food. So i'm taking her word for it. But what's aLarming is the amount of fLies over our heads, swirLing in our food from time to time. Even the Lighted candLes didn't do any good. This is not the kind of ambiance i want when i'm eating. The onLy saving grace is their friendLy and accommodating staff. Lahos!