Friday, September 12, 2014

Birthday CeLebration at Best Western Sand Bar Resort

it's the birthday of one of my oLdest and dearest friend FLor. We've known each other since High SchooL but got reaLLy cLose when we took up the same major in coLLege. The most generous, kind and fun-Loving girL i've ever met. So on this speciaL day, we ceLebrated her birthday at the Best Western Sand Bar Resort in Cordova. it's a ceLebration with friends and famiLy in cLose attendance.
We arrived earLy to prep for the party & have a quick dip at the pooL. The day ended with an appreciation for a friend who's there for us through thick & thin. We Love you FLor!!!

The birthday girL

Flor about to bLow her candLe

As a gift for FLor, our gay friends agreed to joined the Ms.Gay Sanrio, organized & choreographed by them as weLL. it brought the house down with their antics & comic take with the question & answer portion. This is one for the books.

Prepping up for the evening wear competition

The host & the reigning Ms.Gay Sanrio

With the birthday girL & the new Ms.Gay Sanrio

FLor with famiLy

FLor with her officemates


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