Friday, September 5, 2014

Movenpick HoteL

i was abLe to join some of my friends for a much needed R&R. We opted to go to Movenpick since we wanted to try it out for so Long. This is aLso an opportunity for us to get together since we were busy these past few days.

For a LittLe history from Wikipedia:

Mövenpick Hotels and Resorts began in 1973 with the opening of two hotels near Zurich Airport and in Regensdorf. The company was originally called The Mövenpick Hotel Group and was a part of The Mövenpick Group that was founded in 1948 by Ueli Prager. In 1976, the company opened its first hotel outside of Europe in Cairo, adjacent to the pyramids at Giza. In 1991, the first Mövenpickluxury cruiser, the H.S. Radamis, set off on the Nile between Aswan and Luxor. The company is an international upscale hotel management company with roots in Switzerland and over 90 properties existing or under construction in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Chopard toiLetries (yay!)

There were few guests on our stay there since it was on a weekday. So, we mostLy have the faciLities to ourseLves. We took a LeisureLy swim in the pooL. Took a tour and snap a Lot of shots in the pLace.

Our view from our room

We had our breakfast at the SaiLs & we were in for a sumptuous meaL. There was a huge seLection of waffLes, breads, cheeses, your choice of cereaLs & miLk, yogurt, a Korean station, a fiLipino dish for breakfast Like puto & sikwate (hot choco), assortment of fruits, juices & most of aLL, the breakfast stapLe, bacon. Yummy!

Bata doing his thing. Hi! Cutie!

The ibiza Beach CLub has a spectacuLar view of the beach. it has a Mediterranean & Asian inspired menu. And has an extensive range of wine & cocktaiLs. Perfect for romantic dates, chiLLin' with your friends & famiLy. They aLso cater to dinner shows and events.

i must say, the Movenpick experience was fiLLed with fun-fiLLed moments with friends. Lahos!


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