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Never coming back to Don Merto's

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Friday, August 29, 2014

Joed's Lutong Hapon

i have a fondness for Japanese food that won't just die down. Nyahaha! And this carenderia offers affordabLe & deLicious meaL. For quite sometime now, Joed's Lutong Hapon has been in every go to Japanese pLace. So my co-workers & i didn't pass up the chance to visit this pLace. 

Butadon (Php110.00)
Forgot the name of this roLL though but it cost around Php150.00
Pork spare Ribs (price at beLow Php200.00)
Bento Mix (Php150.00

Miso Soup (Php35.00)

ALL dishes were fLavorfuL & our waLLets were quite happy that we weren't abLe to spLurge that much on Japanese food for a change. We'LL definiteLy visit again anytime soon. Lahos!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Mingnan Chinese Cuisine

i've been roaming the streets of CoLon & Carbon since time immemoriaL. Yep, that Long. From knowing where to buy cheap foods Like fruits & veggies, to haggling over the price of cLothes to toys & what nots Like a pro. But carenderias where you don't have seconds thoughts on sanitation and one that won't cause you TB or upset stomach? Scarce. So hurrah to this air conditioned carenderia near the BasiLica DeL Sto. NiƱo. Not onLy that, they serve a wide array of dishes where you can get two viands & a cup of rice for the price of Php 50.00 No, this is not your chicken fiLLet from McDonaLd's... Yep, amazing!

i got the sweet & sour fish pLus fried chicken. Pretty neat for Php50.00 don't you think?

And ivy got the tofu & sheLL (not reaLLy sure what type of sheLL it is though but it tasted good).

They aLso offer short orders and deLiveries.. This has been a refreshing break from fastfood. Lahos!

Tokyo TabLe

Last Monday, we grab the opportunity to go check and induLge ourseLves with Japanese buffet.
i went to Tokyo TabLe with a good friend of mine.  i've been hearing a Lot of good reviews & raves on the pLace. We have been pLanning to go there for ages. it was truLy worth the wait.

They don't just serve Japanese food but aLso a variety of Asian cuisine that's mouth-watering. Not to mention a saLad bar, sushi bar, japanese roLLs to die for and a dessert bar to compLete your dining experience. The drinks are aLso unLimited from a variety of sodas to iced teas.

You can choose from different seLection of meat to griLL on your own tabLe. The choices are wide.

A sampLe of some of the desserts we tried at Tokyo TabLe.

i can't wait for our next visit. The staff were very friendLy. The service was good & most of aLL, the food is beyond words. it exceeded my expectation on buffet experience. Lahos buffet on this!

Tokyo Table (as of August 25, 2014):

Mondays to Fridays: (Lunch) Php550.00 for aduLts/ Php380.00 chiLdren beLow 4 ft.

Monday to Thursday: (Dinner) Php650.00 for aduLts/ Php380.00 chiLdren beLow 4 ft.

Friday to Sunday & HoLidays: (Dinner) Php750.00 for aduLts/ Php380.00 chiLdren beLow 4 ft.

- No Leftover, No Sharing, No Take out

- ChiLdren BeLow 3 Ft. are Free of Charge